jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

La Creatividad Humana

Human Creativity

Human Creativity: In our lives occur under varied situations, the mere fact of being alive, leads us to occupy spaces, to imbue the territory in which we move in a certain aura, something that is ours in the sense of identity, differentiates us from others, and this difference, that being unique, she makes her own mark, his "I am? and its actions in the context of coexistence is not always perceived by others in the same way. In the actions inherent in the simple fact of living, but devote most precious of our effort to achieve goals that benefit all who make up close to you, what we do, will, inevitably, by "measuring stick ? each of its members. Recipients of the outcome of our actions, evaluate and give their opinion, according to their own value scales, weigh the cost benefits that allegedly would have received and the degree of commitment or reciprocity that those actions entail. We believe that our behavior toward others was the best that could wait, and that we are worthy of recognition, of all those, we suppose, have been benefited by our conduct, we believe that positive developments we have made, served as credit in our favor, a kind of investment in the future which will result in a large sum of gratitude accumulated over time.

Which, over time, we will be recognized and where appropriate, rewarded by reciprocity. This sentiment, which has grown itself paid for the hope of the sower who deposits the seed in the ground, relying on their fertility and a climate that enables the germination and growth of what will surely be, in due time, an abundant harvest. Now, begin to unravel, step by step, the weaving of the fabric with which we have made the cloak with which we have covered our actions along the path we have traveled in this life journey may have been linear, it ie, a single life, a birth, childhood, a young, study, work, family, etc.. Or it may have been a succession of different forms of life, childhood through ... and after school ... such or such school, my mother, my stepmother, my wife, or my ex-wives, my children, children of, and so on. While each of us is a universe in itself, the truth is that we interrelate with each other, that our human condition is essentially a social phenomenon, human beings are linked to coexistence, to such an extent that is unimaginable survival of the species without relating it to the interrelatedness of all and sundry.

And every one of us settle and integrate a variety of constellations, be they families, professionals, unions, political, sports, etc.. The term globalization, but is used to refer to the degree of development of technology, communications, international trade, etc.. situation that creates such degrees of interdependence that makes us feel as their own events that occur at the other end of the world, also applies to the phenomenon of the interrelationships of human society as a whole. Our actions flow through the outer space where human life is developed, which meteors moving at high speed, colliding and merging each other, are the vital energy which develops the intellect and into the future, the evolution of our species, the genius who investigates and discovers that the artist finds new inspiration for his creative imagination, the poet, writer, readers, viewers, Internet calls, every one, are expressed in response to signals perceived in that rapid displacement of human actions which we call life.

 Hugo W. Arostegui

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