jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

The Enigma of Existence

Interestingly, the power to observe the different reactions that can generate the same event in the responsiveness of the people involved.

The life that determines our relationship we build with others, their experiences, ie, the cumulative situations which have been actors, either on a voluntary basis - when we were authors or coauthors of the same - or unintentionally - when events generated by another involving either us for our good or bear the consequences.

What we call our life, even though we live closely with people who understand our environment, which are part of the social fabric of our everyday relationships, can not be seen as the consequence of a behavior pattern, shaped by common circumstances supposedly we have been forced to accept either submission or voluntary subjection.

When we realize that our existence is related in the course of events the existence of other beings, other "I am", forming a constellation of entities that are not always single person to master the course of their orbits, collisions against each the other, when the effect of this meeting is harmonic, we say that has caused the detachment of some mysterious substance that we have captured some "chemistry" that draws us towards each other.

These attractions, they can stay for long periods, even a lifetime.

When this event occurs in adverse circumstances, conflicting, immediately activate our defense mechanisms, we put on guard, suspicious, aggressive and / or fearful, trying to justify such action, arguing that such person has a very "bad thing".

Such moments of perception of our human condition, which, as we have stated many times, is essentially social, and, by this circumstance, extremely permeable to the events that unfold, uninterrupted, in this great scene where it shows the drama of everyday life, in which all, we interpret our own paper following a script cobbled together by shared circumstances.

Perhaps, in situations like those described, we wonder, for the reasons, if any, that belong to a species, we are told, is the only on the face of this planet who is aware that it is words, we are doomed to know of our existence, from its beginning to its inevitable end, the certainty of constant birth and death stalking, are central elements of human drama.

The questions we ask, require an answer, and this, the response we seek diligently, very rarely emerges from our inner law, most likely in an effort to satisfy the anxiety overwhelms us as to the reasons our present condition in life, from which arise the attributes of our species, and especially where we're headed, let us turn to the search for the different positions on this important issue we exhibited by those who proclaim themselves as guides, counselors licensed, possessing mystical and unique key that can open the doors of infinity.

The market aims to give enlightened knowledge that an answer to our questions, is crammed full of offers, if we could climb it, as to who travels a fair, we would hear their merchants loudly chanting the advantages of their statements, calling our attention through the aggressiveness of their pious arguments.

In every corner of this imaginary show will tell us that specific place, and none of the other places that surrounds them, is the one with the only true knowledge, which is to them and only them, who have been conferred power lead to salvation, to meet the lost paradise.

When walking through this world, the world called the "isms" we will see that the mere fact of being alive, makes us a valuable commodity, a dam desirable to make offerings to their gods, be they gods, canonized, idealized, or wander lost in the paths of nihilism.

Find there, capitalism, fascism, communism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, existentialism, materialism, atheism, etc. and so on. all with their dogma properly structured, iron, unmoved, planted with all his hosts in the field of battle, in order to fight to the end against all others, because, to the Isthmus, the others are in error, lost in ignorance and should be destroyed, humiliated, to thereby accept "our truth" the one, true.

It seems that to ensure the future, we must be protected by the armor of our creed, dogma requires us not to leave their well-defined boundaries, outside of its borders is destruction, as expressly prohibited.

Isms for the land is still like a plate, outside will be trapped by the darkness and fall inexorably into the abyss.

On one occasion the disciples asked Jesus, you should do to achieve salvation, He wisely answered: "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

The great thinkers of mankind, have been the creators of isms, they, the isms, have mushroomed, much later, when his ideas were patented, when each sought to prevail over the others, when deprived us of intolerance freedom and therefore we limited the access to truth.

The divine spark is latent in every human being, no matter what corner of the planet is born, the idea, imagination, creative ability, they have a mold prior, would have us believe that we are subject to a god that everything is determined, is trying to deny that same God's ability to provide their children unrestricted freedom, free will, the essential condition of our existence.

Hugo W. Arostegui

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