viernes, 20 de mayo de 2016

This Sunday Morning


This Sunday Morning

This Sunday morning I woke up looking at my environment, from things that make my lair human, which is imbued with personal experiences and strange, to the barely perceptible presences innumerable signals from the outside world we leave their mark as a reminder we are not alone in the wake of every day.

Suddenly, a story breaks putting a break on our morning abstraction, all the news we focus attention in Norway, a terrible attack "terrorists" had killed dozens of people, this information comes to us accompanied by striking images, followed by comments, linking this fact, Islamic terrorism, for alleged retaliation of these, by the permanence of Norwegian troops in the occupation of Afghanistan.

So we were all believing this announcement, as one of the many daily attributed the "fanaticism of Islamic extremists," as we see, the media before presenting "their news" in society, spend room for "make-up computer" so that their appearance meets the requirements for the "guidelines" that define, with absolute precision, all you can say, and how it should be said.

With the passing of the hours, start to unfold various aspects that substantially change the original story, and it was not an attack, caused by a cell belonging to the so-called "axis of evil" of international terrorism, now, which is shown to world, is the image of a blond young man of Norwegian origin, a kind of Silas, (like that of the Da Vinci Code), a hitman, who warned by this terrible attack, the terrible dangers posed to the "Western and Christian" , evil ideologies such as communism, Muslims, immigrants, blacks, gypsies, Latino, etc. etc. ..

These signals from the outside world that have erupted, suddenly, as if they were a gale force that opened with the windows of my mind, scattered everywhere, a succession of past events, no doubt, had a close relationship with this abominable fact that the news from around the world announced, as if they were part of a macabre puzzle that, once armed, would reveal the subtly developing a plan developed.

Now, in reality, there are times when I question if it will be worth continuing with the development of this article, as I happened to many others I've written before, you know the reason? The point is that in order to unite different parts of this puzzle that I mention it is absolutely necessary to understand and navigate the subliminal messages that have been introduced into our collective consciousness through countless appointments, which are introduced as markers, to mark the limits between "permitted" and "forbidden."

As this credit takes time and care that your reader has a built form is limited, I am afraid we can not continue, you, you, you, you, you ... pulled ... you there? You, you, your , you, you .... pulled ... pulled .... has been cut.

Hugo W. Arostegui 

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